Spirit Art

With the help and guidance of her angel guides Liz has helped many people discover their “own spirit guide”.  Using her gift of automatic writing and drawing Liz can provide you with a drawing of your very own angel guide.

Automatic writing also called Psychic writing, Magic writing or Channeled writing is a means by which a spirit communicates through a living person by moving his or her hand, holding a pen or pencil, across paper. It can also produce drawings and music as well as speaking with the deceased. Often the medium is in a trance state while the images or words are coming through. The results of these episodes can be as much as a surprise to the medium as it can be to anyone else! People who channel work in this way are sometimes known as Automists.

Online – Have your Spirit Guide revealed     Spirit Art – You can have your own full page Spirit Guide drawingplus background details on your very own personal spirit guide.  £25

Once you have made your payment simply email your name and date of birth to Liz@angelspirit.co.uk