Without this Life Force Energy – We are Lifeless!Unwell and overstressed people are VERY LOW in this life force energy.Reiki treatments replenish the levels of energy needed to repair one’s BODY AND MIND

As a qualified Reiki practitioner, Liz currently offers Distant Healing for those of you too far away and Personal Reiki Treatments for those wishing to visit her.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing requires an exchange of information between yourself and Liz via email or by telephone. All that Liz requires is your full name and your date of birth. Liz will then agree with you a suitable time to perform the distant healing which is convenient and suitable for both parties. If you would like to have questions answered about the distant healing provided by Liz, please send an email to and Liz will be happy to cover your individual concerns with you directly.

Once you have purchased your distant healing, please email your full name and date of birth to Liz will contact you within 24 hours.

Offline – Personal Reiki TreatmentsAngelspirit Liz is a qualified reikipractitioner and can provide in house reiki treatments to those who require a private, personal reiki session.

If you would like to visit Liz for a personal Reiki Treatment all you need to do is contact her on07957950553 and she will arrange a mutually suitable booking.

Liz is based in West Lancashire in the UK. Liz provides two personal Reiki Treatments…..

Full one hour REIKI Treatment –  including a FREE foot massage with Aromatherapy oils, or a Full one hour REIKI Treatment with CHAKRA Balancing –  with Meditation and Crystals.

Each one hour treatment is available for just £25