As a five year old child back in 1974, Liz would undergo an experience that would have a profound affect on the rest of her life. Acute appendicitis would turn into peritonitis and would provide for Liz a very close near death experience.

From this moment on Liz has had numerous encounters with spirit that have provided her with the insight and knowledge that she passes on today.

Liz has been providing readings for people for the past 20 years. Initially her abilities lay with Tarot cards, but her talents have grown to encompass true mediumship, plus the amazing ability to allow spirit to use her as a contact via the method of automatic writing and spirit drawing.

In the early part of 1999 Liz became aware of her main Angel guides. She had reached a point in her life where they had decided to reveal themselves to her in order for Liz to fully realize her true psychic talents.

As well as helping many with their questions and problems, Liz has also predicted events well in advance of them happening. When first encountering her use of Automatic Writing, Liz was provided with proof by spirit of events that were to come.

These were mainly ‘green’ issues pertaining to problems with the environment or the animal kingdom. Amazingly however the disastrous events of September 11 and the fall of Saddam were predicted by Liz back in 1999. Drawings done by Liz clearly predicted the events that would unfold.

Liz has increased her abilities in recent times and is also now a qualified Reiki practitioner and can now provide these services in person as well as also providing distant healing.